An American Multinational Retail corporation, Walmart wants to be one step ahead of Amazon, so, to beat other competitors including Amazon the retail corporation planning to start a new same-day delivery service where customers can place orders using a text message.

Walmart’s new service named Jetblack, an effort to keep its e-commerce business competitive with Amazon, allows shoppers to order items from along with websites of rival retailers. Walmart plans to roll out the new service to the rest of America over time.

Walmart’s new service is available with a monthly membership fee of $50, however, the service also reminds shoppers using text messaging if they are about to run out of a product they ordered. Jetblack uses artificial intelligence to curate product suggestions.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Jetblack, Jenny Fleiss said, “The goal is to think about game-changing technologies that will change the way people shop.” Jenny Fleiss also established popular online fashion website ‘Rent the Runway’.

Walmart, the U.S. retail giant is emptying billions of dollars into reinforcing its internet business. As of late, Walmart has as of late proclaimed organization with coordination organizations to convey basic needs requested online.

Additionally, the retail giant Walmart announced a new plan yesterday to pay for college for its 1.4 million employees. The retail giant will offer part-time, full-time and salaried Walmart U.S. store and Sam’s Club associates an opportunity to attend college for only $1 a day for the duration of their college program.

The retail giant will offer part-time, full-time and salaried Walmart U.S. store and Sam’s Club relates a chance to go to school for just $1 a day for the span of their school program.



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