The 55-year-old Wang Xiaohui has hired by China as head of Film Bureau Chief. Xiaohui’s appointment was made as the position had been vacant since March.

A semi-independent government agency, the Film Bureau was integrated under the Propaganda Department in a wide-ranging government shake-up in March. The changes were viewed as giving the Communist Party of China a tighter grip over media and entertainment in the Middle Kingdom. The move is seen as part of a growing government crackdown over media, the internet, and social media.

Wang Xiaohui is expected to retain his title as deputy minister of the Propaganda Department however, the Chinese Government Network defined Wang as hailing from Jilin Province and, after completing a master’s degree in law, starting a career at the Propaganda Department in 1986 and became the department’s Deputy Director in 2009. Wang Xiaohui, 55, was born in Jilin province, also he worked as the spokesperson for the department since 2010.

The Chinese Government Network said, “After adjustments, the main duties of the Central Propaganda Department in film management are to manage film administrative affairs; supervise film production, distribution, and screening; organize a review of film content; guide the coordination of major national film activities; and assume external cooperation.”



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