Absolutely new and the powerful tool introduced for Cybersecurity agencies, online market researcher, Domainers, brand agents and more. The recently propelled tool conveys the exact data of the domain names by real-time APIs and other online tools. Tool revealed the information such as country-specific database records, recently expired domains, index of newly-registered domains as well as when the domain will expire, who is the registrant of the domain and other various information too.

The tool releases the stress of brand agents by protecting their property. The tool helps individuals to keep updates themselves with the latest information. It also helps to deliver the information related to the expired as well as newly registered domain. Domain name investors receive benefits who sees around thousands of new as well as expired domain.

The device adds to the cyber-security and in addition in different law authorization offices to identify the data, for example, IP address with online criminal movement. The device likewise gives area information to marking reason. In any case, the information conveyed by the effective device can be adjusted according to the necessity. The apparatus underpins all area expansions, for example, ccTLDs, gTLDs, Tlds. It is conceivable to purchase space augmentations and additionally area names through its Whois database.


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