Evolution of the digital world is incredibly happening, and industries are moving towards fourth industrial revolution. In the digital era, everyone is aware of the driver-less car, but it is quite pretty to watch autonomously moving slippers using Nissan’s state-of-art driving technology. A Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer welcomes their guest with advanced technology that never seen before.

Nissan developed the smart footwear to park themselves at hotel entrance in Japan. The ProPILOT Park technology is used by slippers to move around the areas. The guests receive the warm welcome with self-parking floor cushion, tables and so on. It is treating to watch all thing happening around.

Nissan’s slippers consisting two wheels to drive around the areas with amazing self-parking technology. With the help of ProPILOT Park technology drivers seamlessly park the vehicle by pressing a button within the area. This advanced technology outstandingly reduces staffs’ workload and catches guests attention. Its sensing system and cameras parks car to the located area without any extreme drivers input.

The advanced technology demonstrated in the resort town of Hakone. Some of the guests will get a chance to perform hands-on of this technology. Autonomous technologies emerging rapidly than ever before and most of the auto brands moving towards developing the self-driving technology.



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