It’s time to replace smartphones and become a part of Mi family as Xiaomi offers Mi Exchange scheme on The scheme was launched by the company in November 2017 which allow users to replace their smartphone for Redmi smartphones.

Xiaomi shakes hands with Cashify for this move and the scheme was limited to Mi Home Stores. The organization says it will offer the ‘best trade’ esteem for the smartphones, however, it should be in a working condition with no physical harm.

The user will be issued with an exchange value coupon which will be valid for next 14 days. The coupon will be added to their Mi account and it can be reused at the time when the user plans to purchase from The issued coupon under the scheme must be utilized to buy another cell phone.

The user can use that coupon after placing an order for a new smartphone and at the time of delivery, the old smartphone must be handed over in exchange for a new cell phone. The user will be eligible to exchange one device at a time and need to remove all accounts along with passwords or screen locks on their old phone.

The company isn’t tolerating all cell phone models under the exchange scheme, however, just the ones mentioned on the list. Under the Micromax, the trade is constrained to the YU series phones.


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