Indonesians caught unalarmed by a devastating tsunami

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According to recent reports, on Friday, a tsunami wave which went up above 6-meter equivalent to 20-foot was reported to have crashed into Indonesian city of Palu earlier last month. Didiek Wahyudi Kurniawan’s house who is one of the individuals owning property near the beach said that his house was quickly engulfed with rising levels of water.

This left his wife and his two daughters a short time to escape from this raising levels of water in the house. Kurniawan, who is 46 years old said that he I knew that before any natural occurrence happening there is always an alarm, in this case before the tsunami struck there should a tsunami warning alert, he said he had no idea on the alert since the tsunami struck without them getting any alert.

He also added that maybe the system kept in place for the tsunami alert might be outdated hence the reason as to why the got no alert of the coming tsunami.

Nevertheless, during the tsunami occurrence, He said that at that time he was out but his entire family was at home but managed to escape through the high chest water in the house to a neighbor’s 3-story building.

While his family got lucky, reports indicated that a beach festival held in Palu which was attended by a large group of individuals were among the people who got swept away, in addition to this reports in accordance to the tsunami occurrence more than 1,600 lost their lives after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami waves struck.

The above number was the confirmed number so far. The investigation and rescue are still undergoing to now the exact number of people rescued and the number that lost their lives.

In the meanwhile, other survivors who were present during the tsunami occurrence also said that they heard no alarms nor siren, they also added that a tsunami warning was issued but later lifted 34 minutes after the struck, based on the available data which was measured from the nearest tidal sensor, which was around 200 km equivalent to 125 miles from Palu, which according to reports which are on the Sulawesi island.