Meet Oscar Romero, the newest saint

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The people of El Salvador and many others who the late Archbishop Oscar Romero has inspired are celebrating as he was canonized over the weekend, alongside with other Church figures.

“The canonization of Romero — whose Latin American origins and commitment to social justice mirror that of the current pontiff, Pope Francis — is a powerfully symbolic reaffirmation of Francis’s own long-held dedication to eradicating wealth inequality,” the Vox said in a report.

Romero has been widely known for pushing for “liberation theology.” He was killed back in 1980 for actively condemning the then violence under the dictatorship.

“My body went cold,” a Salvadoran recalled in a report, “I cried because we were left without our pastor.”

Vox said that Romero, influenced by Marxist thought, “sees the mission of the church as not only saving souls for Christ but also dismantling oppressive and exploitative power structures, bringing the ‘kingdom of God’ to Earth.”

“In the name of God … I beg you, I beseech you, I order you to stop the repression,” Romero once said.

However, alternative news Democracy Now pointed out that Romero’s murder remains unresolved to this day.

“Romero’s murder was one of the most shocking of the long conflict between a series of U.S.-backed governments and leftist rebels in which thousands of dissidents and everyday civilians in Salvador were killed by right-wing and military death squads,” Democracy Now said in a report, adding that the case has been reopened recently.

The slain archbishop was canonized along with the late Pope Paul VI.

“I knew he would be declared a saint,” a Salvadoran told Al Jazeera in a report. “I’m honored and privileged to say that I once ate with this saint.