Technology trending news : No signs of hacking attack found Apple tells it’s Congress

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According to recent reports, on Sunday, Apple Inc’s (AAPL.O) top security officer, in a statement during a meeting told the Congress that, the company security systems analysts did not find any of suspicious transmissions or rather any kind of evidence that indicates, or confirms that the Apple system security protocol was breached or had been penetrated with what they termed as a sophisticated attack on the companies supply chain.

George Stathakopoulos, the Apple Vice President for Information Security in his statement from the letter he wrote to the Senate and House commerce committees said that the company had conducted repeated investigated in the firms system and the personnel behind the investigation found out that, there was no evidence of any kind within the main points in the Bloomberg Businessweek article which was published earlier on Thursday.

In this article, the investigations inside the article included chips inside the servers which were sold to Apple by Super Micro Computer Inc (SMCI.PK) had the abilities to allowed for backdoor transmissions to other countries specifically China.

In a letter provided to Reuters, he wrote that Apple’s proprietary systems and security tools are currently and continuously scanning for any kind of precise on the outbound traffic, according to the security personnel if any kind of hacking signature is left behind, then this will be an indication that the was existence of malware injection into the system and thus this would be enough evidence to show that there was malicious activity carried on the system through the system’s backdoor.

Nevertheless, after multiple of scanning was done, nothing was found in the system.

Stathakopoulos, on the other hand repeatedly stated Apple’s statements to the press by confirming that until today he evidences nor signature of any kind was detected nor any malicious chips purposely infused in any of the Apple’s servers or any kind of malicious activity been contacted by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concerning the above issue. He also that he will be available to give a brief Congressional staff concerning this issue this week.