The Bug That Was Causing PS4 Consoles to Crush Has Been Fixed by Sony

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Many PS4 console owners have been having trouble in the recent days. This is after a message has been popping on there PS4 consoles and thereafter crushing the consoles. However, there cry has been answered this is after Sony has fixed this virus issue. The reports about this bug were first shared through Reddit and other social media accounts. The virus affected anyone’s console so users were advised not to be cautious when an unusual message pops up.

As per the official Twitter account of PlayStation UK’s they said, “This bug issue can be fixed in less than five minutes.” They also advised owners to follow the following steps in order to avoid this message that contains characters that stall their systems. First, you have to delete message from players or users that you don’t know very well. Furthermore, you as a player can have your messaging settings as private or just friends only.

However, if you have received the bug message already just boot up your console and restructure your database afresh.  In a message to GamesRadar+ from Sony it said, “We have recognized the nasty message that is making the PS4 consoles to crush. We are in the steps of resolving this issue before it goes out of hand.” This was before they resolved the bug issue. Reports by the Verge said that in order to restructure your PS4 system database might take a lot of time due to the type and size of data you have. In addition, they say that when rebooting your console, you need to keep it in safe mode.


This is not the first-time systems are being corrupted by bugs. In the past we have heard strings of software’s being affected by viruses such as the iPhone bug in mid this year. But from what I know Sony will have their console software updated in order to avoid such situations again.