Woman stabs 14 kids in Chinese kindergarten

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A woman has stabbed 14 children with a kitchen knife at the gate of a kindergarten in Chongqing, southwest China, police reported.

The attack took place when the children were heading to their class room after their morning exercise. The 39-year-old women whose surname is Liu was apprehended by the kindergarten teachers and security guard. The police was summoned. It is also reported that parents of some children beat her.

The assailant told police that she attacked the children because she was mistreated by the Chinese government.

Some videos of the incident were uploaded on the Chinese social media in which a crowd of police officers, parents and children can also be seen outside the kindergarten.

Chinese media has reported death of two children in this brutal attack but police has not confirmed any causalities yet.

The injured students were taken to hospital for trauma care following the stabbing.

The hospital authorities confirmed that children were there for the treatment but declined to give any other details.

The children can be seen walking to the ambulances from the school gate, with some being placed on gurneys.

China has suffered a number of such incidents in recent years. The government had put blame on the mentally ill or people bearing grudges.

In June this year, a man attacked three boys and a mother with a kitchen knife near a school in Shanghai. Two boys died at the spot. Police arrested the man and ran an investigation after which it stated that the man was unemployed and carried out the attack “to take revenge on society.”

Chinese law prohibits the sale and possession of firearms. The mass attacks are generally carried out with knives or homemade explosives.

In 2010, almost 20 children were killed in school attacks which initiated a country wide campaign forcing government to do something to make educational institutions safe for the children. Many schools added gates and security guards after that.